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Foot Pedal Sanitiser Dispenser

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100% Mechanical - No batteries required

Capacity: 1.5 litre

  Hands-Free Pedal-Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Large 1.5L Capacity.

Restore the confidence of your clients and employees, providing them with a touch-free hand sanitising station to reduce the risk of contamination.

Suitable for offices, healthcare facilities, hospitality and public amenities - this hands-free hand sanitiser dispenser with a beautiful contemporary design is easy to integrate into any commercial, public or private space. 

This Pedal-Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser requires no installation.

Hygienic, use without any risk of contamination.

Easy refill - Universal compatibility with any sanitizer.

You can use your own bottle type through the adjustable-height control feature

Heavy-duty - Entirely made of stainless steel.

Suitable for outdoor use, Rust-free.

Fully mechanical. No installation necessary


This foot pedal hand sanitizer requires no maintenance or electrical outlet.

  •  Just push the pedal with your foot to dispense the hand sanitiser. 
  •  Hygenic Dispensing Nozzle
  • Easy-replace, with screws, in one minute.
  • Sight Gauge, to check the level of sanitizer.



Height: 987.5mm (38.87 in)
Tube size: 114.3mm (4.49 in)
Footprint: 300mm Diameter (12 in)


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