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FeverAware-Body Temperature Scanner -FE01

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  Automated Non-Contact Body Temperature Scanner.

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The FeverAware is a low-cost Automated Body Temperature Screening unit that can help protect your business.


 The FeverAware provides a way for employees/customers/visitors to check their temperature as they enter the building and gives them a notification/alarm if they have an abnormal temperature.

 Mains powered.

Ideal for Retail, Public buildings & small-medium sized business for workplace temperature monitoring.



    Easy to Install, Only an electrical socket required. Position indoors in an area that has a constant temperature for the most accurate results.  Can be wall-mounted with Screws or Double-sided Adhesive Tape. The base is also compatible with a camera tripod mount.


    FeverAware temperature scanner

    2 Metre USB lead

    Mains USB plug

    2 x Wall mounting screws & Rawl plugs

     Double-sided adhesive pads


    Optional Extra:

    Tripod Stand
    (Choose "Include Tripod" as Mount type)



    17cm x 11.5cm x 140cm

    Lead Time:  

    Delivery 1-3 working days 



    How accurate is this Thermometer?

    It has a high accuracy of ± 0.2ºC for temperatures between 34ºC - 45ºC

    Is it non-contact?

    The FeverAware thermometer is automatic. It detects when someone is with the scanning range of the device and uses an infrared sensor to read the user's temperature. Since it is non-contact a second person is not required to take temperatures and therefore reduce the risk of cross-infection.

    How does it work?

    When the user positions their forehead towards the infrared sensor it reads the user and temperature will display instantly on the  LED display. Healthy temperatures will be displayed alongside a green light and a beep. If the user's temperature is high, a continuous beep will sound and the LEDs will flash red. 

    From how far away can it read a user's temperature?

    The user's forehead needs to be within 5 to 10 cm

    What do I need to setup FeverAware?

    It just requires a mains socket for power.  

    Can it be continuously powered with a mains plug?

    Yes, it comes with a USB power plug and an extra-long 2 Meter USB  power lead.

    We recommend keeping the unit on the mains supply if using for continuous usage.

    Can it be battery-powered?

    Yes, it takes a 65mm 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery, not included. 

    How long can the battery power the unit?

    Approx 1-2 hours depending on usage.

    Depends on the capacity of the 18650 battery used. 

    How does it attach to the wall?

    It can be attached to a wall using the 2 screws and rawl plugs provided or you can use the provided double-sided adhesive pads for a quicker install.

    Can it be moved to different locations?

    Yes, The FeverAware can be easily attached to a tripod for easy deployment if using in different locations. On the base of the unit is a 1/4" threaded socket that is compatible with standard camera tripods. We have tripods available from here

     What do the various alerts mean?

    Below 36.0, "Lo" is displayed, and the Red LEDs light & buzzer rings twice
    36.0-37.3, display degree, Green LEDs Light & buzzer rings once
    37.3-42.0, display degree, red LEDs light continuously  & buzzer rings 10 times
    42.0 and above, "Hi" is displayed, and the red LEDs light & buzzer rings twice

    Does it come with a warranty?

    Yes, It comes with a 1-year warranty.