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SurfaceAware_ Foot Door Pull (Box of 15)

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Foot Door Pull.

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination by handling door and drawer handles by using this foot door opener. Use your shoe to stand on this door opener bracket and pull open non-latching doors with your foot. This design is low profile and will not scuff your shoe.

Box of 15 x Foot Door Pulls.
Made from 2.5mm thick Aluminium

Bulk Trade pricing available for orders of 10 or more boxes.

Please Note:

The Door Foot Pull is to be used on the pull side of a swing door and is not designed to operate any latching mechanism of the door.

Screws / Bolts are not included.

Recommended screws size of 4x 20mm - 30mm


SurfaceAware_Foot door pull, Installation
  • Remove the plastic covering from the Foot Door Pull
  • Place the Foot Door Pull as shown in the figure below on the Pull Side of the door away from the hinge.
  • Place a piece of cardboard ( 3-5mm in thickness) or similar beneath the Foot Door Pull, this is to act as a spacer to ensure the Foot Door Pull does not catch on the floor surface.
  • Screw the Foot Door Pull to the door, Remove the spacer


  • Use the sole of your shoe to grip the bracket and to pull open the door