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FaceAware-Body Temperature Scanner with Pedistal

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FaceAware-Body Temperature Scanner

  Automated Non-Contact Body Temperature Scanner with Facial Recognition, Mask detection, Data logging, and optional hand sanitiser dispenser.

FaceAware is a multi-purpose unit that can help protect your business.


 FaceAware provides a way for employees/customers/visitors to check their temperature as they enter the building and gives them a notification/alarm if they have an abnormal temperature.


Inbuilt Facial Recognition up to 30,000 users, includes access control.


FaceAware can check if users are wearing a mask and displays a notification.


With its inbuilt data logging, this eliminates the need to have employees manually record there temperature. 


It is available with an optional hand steriliser dispenser.


Ideal for Retail, Public buildings & medium-large sized business for workplace temperature monitoring.


    Position indoors in an area that has a constant temperature for most accurate results. 

    For body temperature screening, mask detection and reminder, Only an electrical socket is required. 


    Wireless Mouse

    16gb USB stick

    Digital User Manual (see USB)

    Video Tutorial (see USB)

    Lead Time:  

    2-3 working days from date of purchase.

    Can the FaceAware unit be used without data logging?

    Yes, by default the device captures/stores no user data in normal operation. The default setup is to carry out temperature screening without any data logging.

    How does GDPR affect the use of this device?

    As seen above the default setup is to carry out temperature screening without any data logging.
    Data logging can be enabled at the discretion of the customer as long as staff members have provided their consent.
    Please see the link here for more information on GDPR. 

    What is your recommendations on signage for the FaceAware FA01 device and GDPR?

    We recommend you put up a sign beside the device informing users of the following:
    • What user data, if any, is collected.
    • Why is the data been collected
    • How is the company using the data
    • How long will the company store the data
    Please see the link here for more information on GDPR. 


    Can FaceAware be used outside?

    We recommend it being used indoors for accurate temperature reading.  Please note the warranty does not cover its use outdoors.

    Is it difficult to setup FaceAware?

    No, it just requires a power socket.  If networking is required we will provide instructional videos

    Is there a warranty with the unit?

    It comes with a 1-year warranty.