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Helping Business Return To Work Safely

Posted by Liam Regan on

Galway based business, FeverScanners, specialised in designing, manufacturing and supplying products used to break the chain of infection of the COVID-19 epidemic.
Our growing product range consists of Temperature Screening, Mask Detection, Face recognition, Sanitation, Social Distance and Contact Avoidance Products.
We are currently rolling out our “Aware” product line that aims to provide business with the tools they need to return to work safely.
Below is a short summary of the current temperature scanning units we have in stock.


Body temperature scanning using advanced thermal imaging and AI technology.
Scanning Range 50 - 100 cm. Scanning speed of less than 1.0 sec
This multi-purpose device can scan a person body temperature in less than 1 second. This means your business entrance will not suffer from congestion problems that may be seen with other competitor products.

This unit can handle over 30,000 employees and uses facial recognition to provide an automated data log that fully compliant with the current mandatory return to work safely protocol.

Extra personnel are not required as this unit carries out individual screening giving a verbal and visual notification using traffic light indication. A green light indicates a normal temperature measurement permitting safe entry. A red light and audible alarm indicate that a potential fever temperature is detected, politely warning the user not to enter the building.



    IR Body temperature scanning
    Scanning Range 5- 10 cm. Scanning speed of less than 0.5 sec
    The FeverAware provides a low-cost way for employees/customers/visitors to check their temperature as they enter the building and gives them a notification/alarm if they have an abnormal temperature.
    It can be wall mount or placed on a standard camera tripod
    Can be used while powered through a USB connection or using the inbuilt rechargeable battery.
    Ideal for Retail, Public buildings & small-medium sized business for workplace temperature monitoring.